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CCNP Service Provider training is your gateway to mastering service provider networks, validating advanced skills, and positioning yourself as a leader in the industry. It's more than certification; it's about becoming an invaluable asset with expertise in core routing, MPLS, and QoS, ready to drive innovation in complex service provider infrastructures. Elevate your career and make impactful contributions to the dynamic world of service providers with CCNP Service Provider certification.
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Why this Courses

Engaging in CCNP Service Provider training is essential for professionals aspiring to excel in the intricate realm of service provider networks. This training goes beyond certification; it empowers individuals with advanced skills in core routing, MPLS, QoS, and other crucial areas specific to service provider environments. By undertaking CCNP Service Provider training, you position yourself as a seasoned expert capable of designing and managing complex networks, contributing significantly to the success of service provider organizations. It's not just a training program; it's a strategic investment in your career, equipping you with the expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of service provider networks.


Lesson 1

Core architecture

  • Describe service provider architectures
  • Describe Cisco network software architecture
  • Describe service provider virtualization
  • Describe QoS architecture
  • Configure and verify control plane security
  • Describe management plane security
  • Implement data plane security
Lesson 2


  • Implement IS-IS (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • Describe BGP path selection algorithm
  • Implement routing policy language and route maps (BGP, OSPF, IS-IS)
  • Describe IPv6 transition (NAT44, NAT64, 6RD, MAP, and DS Lite)
  • Implement high availability.
Lesson 3

MPLS and Segment Routing

  • Implement MPLS
  • Describe traffic engineering
  • Describe Segment Routing services
  • Describe VPN services
  • Configure L2VPN and Carrier Ethernet
  • Configure L3VPN
  • Implement multicast services
  • Implement QoS services
Lesson 4

Automation and Assurance

  • Describe the programmable APIs used to include Cisco devices in network automation
  • Interpret an external script to configure a Cisco device using a REST API
  • Describe the role of Network Services Orchestration (NSO)
  • Describe the high-level principles and benefits of a data modeling language, such as YANG
  • Compare agent vs. agentless configuration management tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and SaltStack
  • Describe data analytics and model-driven telemetry in service provider
  • Configure dial-in/out telemetry streams using gRPC
  • Configure and verify NetFlow/IPFIX
  • Configure and verify NETCONF and RESTCONF
  • Configure and verify SNMP (v2c/v3)


CCNP Service Provider certification is designed for proficiency in service provider network technologies. The core exam, 350-501 SPCOR, covers essential concepts like routing and automation. With options for concentration exams such as 300-510 SPRI or 300-535 SPAUTO, it offers customization. While prerequisites are flexible, a strong grasp of networking concepts is recommended. Valid for three years, it signifies advanced proficiency for promising careers in service provider organizations. Check the official Cisco website for the latest details.The specific cost of CCNP Service Provider exams, including 350-501 (SPCOR) and 300-510 (SPRI), can vary based on factors like location and currency. However, the price of the 2 exams combined should not exceed 800 US dollars.

Earning the CCNP Service Provider certification opens up various advanced job roles in the field of Service Provider networking. Some potential job roles include:
  • Service Provider Network Engineer
  • Senior Network Architect
  • Service Provider Solutions Specialist
  • Network Automation Engineer
  • Service Provider Core Network Engineer
  • MPLS Network Engineer
  • Service Provider Security Specialist
  • Service Provider VPN Engineer
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer
  • Service Provider Cloud Engineer
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Specialist
  • Service Provider Network Consultant
  • Wireless Service Provider Engineer
  • Service Provider Network Analyst
  • Service Provider Network Manager
  • Network Automation Architect
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Network Planning and Optimization Engineer
  • Service Provider Pre-Sales Engineer
  • IT Service Provider Manager

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