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What makes us different?

Our training courses comply with the cisco blueprint.
Thanks to experience, we make it easy to understand even the most complex technologies.
We offer online classes in both 1 to 1 and group formats.
Our sessions are recorded for the personal development of our trainees.
We also offer on-prem classes for both individuals and companies.
Bootcamp training is also available.
Our success rate in the various cisco exams is quite outstanding.
We turn our trainees into experts, regardless of their level of knowledge when they come to us.
We have a constant follow-up on our learners throughout their training such as :

Trainees motivation and consistency
Assistance in writing their CVs
Preparation for technical interview

Elite Networking Mastery

Sharpen your potential with CCIE-Certified Expertise
CCIE-Certified Instructors
Constantly learning
Real-Production Case Studies

Cisco Certification Hierarchy

Cisco certification hierarchy comprises various levels, from entry (CCNA) to expert (CCIE), offering a structured pathway for individuals to enhance their networking skills and progress in their careers.
CCNA to CCIE certification path

Cisco Certified Network Associate

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification, positioned at the entry level, serves as a foundational credential in networking.

It is a cornerstone in networking expertise, globally acknowledged for its comprehensive coverage of fundamental networking concepts. CCNA candidates delve into network fundamentals, routing and switching technologies, security essentials, and automation basics. This certification is designed to empower individuals with the skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot small to medium-sized enterprise networks. Recognized worldwide, CCNA serves as a vital step for networking professionals aiming to enhance their knowledge and advance in their careers within the ever-evolving IT landscape.
how to become CCNA certifiedbetter job satisfaction

Cisco Certified Network Professional

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is an intermediate-level credential that signifies a higher tier of expertise in networking

This certification is a globally recognized credential that signifies advanced proficiency in networking technologies. Tailored for experienced professionals, CCNP covers in-depth topics such as advanced routing, switching, security, and collaboration, preparing individuals to design, implement, and troubleshoot complex network solutions. This intermediate-level certification positions candidates for roles demanding a higher level of expertise compared to CCNA and serves as a significant milestone on the path to expert-level certifications like Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).
pointing at ciscojob roles after CCNP course training

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is the apex of Cisco's certification hierarchy, globally renowned for showcasing expert-level proficiency in designing, implementing, and managing complex networking infrastructures.

CCIE candidates undergo rigorous training and assessments, demonstrating mastery in specific technology tracks such as routing and switching (Enterprise), security, Data Center, Service Provider,  collaboration or DevNet. Widely respected in the IT industry, CCIE signifies a pinnacle achievement, positioning professionals as elite experts capable of handling the most intricate networking challenges.
CCIE salary in new york cityCCIE certified

Frequently asked questions

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Is is possible to request for a free demo before payment?

Yes, you simply tell us which training you are interested in by filling the form and we will provide you 1-week free training.

How do I get in touch with you?

Kindly fill the form on the website and we will respond to you immediately.

What happens after payment?

After you make payment from the website, you will receive instant invoice in your email account.
A training coordinator will contact you immediately through emailing and arrange for a kickoff session on Google meet where you will meet with your trainer in order to establish your training schedule.
You will also be added to a private group where you will be able to discuss anytime with your trainer.

What if I am not satisfied with the training ? do i get a refund ?

If you are not satisfied after 1 week of training, we will refund you full amount.
At the end of this period , if you do not claim for refund , we will consider your training valid and paid for.

Where and how is the training done?

The training in held live online on Google Meet .
Each session is recorded and will be available on our cloud for you to revise.

What device do I need to do the training?

You just need a laptop with stable internet connection. You will be given access to download all relevant training materials for your training with assistance to install lab materials.

In which language is the training provided?

Training is delivered in English or French, depending on the client's preference.
For French speaking clients, technical terms will be kept in English and explained in French for ease of understanding.

In which language is the international exam?

The international exam is in english and chinese.

Do I need IT background to do networking ?

To start your networking journey you do not need any IT background but of course you should know that 1 + 1 = 2. We take you from zero and transform you to become a network engineer.

Why choose Cisco certifications for your career?

Cisco is a global leader in networking technologies, and its certifications are widely recognized and respected in the IT industry.
Cisco certifications cover a broad spectrum of networking concepts, ensuring that certified professionals have a well-rounded understanding of various technologies and protocols.
Cisco's certifications cover a wide range of networking disciplines, including routing and switching, security, collaboration, and more. This comprehensive approach allows professionals to specialize in specific areas or develop expertise across multiple domains.

What specific Cisco certifications do you offer training for?

We provide training from CCNA to CCIE level in tracks such as
-Data Center
-Service Provider

Do you offer technology based training?

Yes. Kindly fill in the form and choose the option "Technology based training" then a personalized quote will be sent to you for your training.

Can you provide details about the curriculum for the CCNA training?

Please find the curriculum for each course on the course page

Meet our trainers

Mienmo Eliezer KOUASSI
CCIe| tcp/ip engineer| network security analyst

Information Technology trainer with over 5 years of experience. I am dedicated to raising and shaping IT professionals with a focus on practical skills and insights for Cisco technologies and network security.

Ricardo Aurillac AGOSSOU
network security consultant

Experienced Cisco Certified trainer and Network Security Expert with 5+ years of teaching. Proven success guiding students through Cisco certifications, emphasizing practical skills and fostering a passion for continuous learning.

What our clients say about us

I had the honor of having Mr. Eliezer KOUASSI as a trainer at ETI for my CCNP ENTERPRISE Combo course. I was very impressed by the ease with which he mastered the different CISCO technologies, and secondly by the way he explained them, breaking down the pitfalls of each technology through practical labs, and answering all my concerns. I wish I had such competence. In a word, he's a facilitator you deserve to know if you want to succeed not only in the exam but also in the job market.
Sylvestre Hounton
Quality Manager
I recommend ETI for all Cisco network and security training courses. I had a good instructor and his training and coaching helped me improve and easily pass my CCNP
Many thanks to ETI
Network administrator
Kant Amoussou
Mr KOUASSI has a proven talent for passing on knowledge. He's a trainer whose communication and interpersonal skills make you want to enjoy what you do even more. Throughout my training at ETI for the CCNA ENTERPRISE he pushed me to be even more passionate, curious, so as to have the skills to be indispensable in my company.
Ephrem Agbo
Network and security engineer
I'm proud of ETI because they helped me achieve my goal. My experience with Eliezer was the best in the field of IT because having already done a training course (CCNA) in a different training center allowed me to see a difference in the explanation of technologies. It was a real upgrade for me, and I especially liked the fact that I could review the courses on video recorded from their database. Eliezer is not just a trainer, but a machine that explains the how and why of technologies. Today I'm a network engineer with CCNP certification, thanks to them, and I plan to continue all my aspiring training there (Security and Service Provider).Finally, I'd like to say that ETI is a training center for those who want to learn and go in depth.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Assiehuie Martin
Network Engineer