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1. Nature of Business:

ETI, based in France, specializes in providing top-notch Cisco training, covering a spectrum from CCNA to CCIE. Our expert trainers hold CCIE certifications, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

2. Training Formats:

Courses are offered both on-premises and online, providing flexibility for diverse learning preferences.

3. Payment Flexibility:

To enhance accessibility, students can opt for flexible payment plans, spreading their fees over several instalments. Payments are processed directly on our website, conveniently linked to each course page.

4. Privacy and Confidentiality:

ETI prioritizes the confidentiality of student information. We uphold strict privacy standards and do not share any student details with third parties.

5. Refund Policy:

Refunds are applicable within the initial week of training. After this period, the training is considered valid, and no further refunds are granted.

6. Personalized Curriculum:

Our curriculum is intricately designed, aligning with the official Cisco syllabus while tailoring content to meet individual learning needs.

7. Catering to Individuals and Corporates:

ETI extends its services to both individual learners and corporate entities, ensuring a versatile and adaptive approach.

8. Recording for Marketing:

Selected training sessions may be recorded for marketing purposes, with optional participation for trainees who provide consent.

9. Global Trainer Network:

We take pride in our globally dispersed trainers, delivering courses in both French and English, enriching the learning experience.

10. Instalment Limitations:

Payment instalments should not extend beyond one week to maintain continuous access to training materials and classes.

11. Testimonials:

Trainees may be requested to provide testimonials, contributing to the positive promotion of ETI's services.

12. Exam Preparation and Fees:

While we assist in exam preparation and provide materials, students are responsible for paying Cisco exam fees directly to Pearson VUE.

13. Virtual Classroom Etiquette:

Virtual classrooms are designed for 1 to 20 students, emphasizing the importance of punctuality and communication for any attendance-related matters.

14. Respect and Assignments:

Students are expected to demonstrate respect towards trainers and diligently complete assignments before scheduled classes.

15. Training Materials:

ETI provides all essential training materials, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

By enrolling in our programs, students implicitly agree to adhere to these terms and conditions. For any queries or clarifications, please reach out to ETI is committed to fostering a positive and enriching learning environment.