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CCNP Data Center training is your key to mastering modern data center technologies. Beyond certification, it transforms you into a skilled architect of resilient data center infrastructures, covering networking, automation, security, and cloud integration. With CCNP Data Center certification, you become a sought-after expert ready for the evolving demands of data centers.
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Why this Courses

CCNP Data Center training is your strategic pathway to mastering cutting-edge technologies. Beyond just validating skills, it positions you as a visionary architect of dynamic data center infrastructures. Covering advanced areas like networking, automation, security, and cloud integration, this certification ensures you stay ahead of evolving demands. CCNP Data Center isn't just a badge; it's your marker of excellence, making you a leader in shaping and implementing groundbreaking solutions for the critical realm of data center technology.


Lesson 1


  • Apply routing protocols: OSPFv2 and V3,MP-BGP,PIM,FHRP
  • Apply switching protocols such as RSTP+, LACP and vPC
  • Apply overlay protocols such as VXLAN EVPN
  • Apply ACI concepts such as Fabric setup, Access policies,VMM.
  • Analyze packet flow (unicast, multicast, and broadcast)
  • Describe Cloud service and deployment models (NIST 800-145)
  • Describe software updates and their impacts: Disruptive / non-disruptive, EPLD, Patches.
  • Implement network configuration management
  • Implement infrastructure monitoring such as NetFlow and SPAN
  • Explain network assurance concepts such as streaming telemetry
Lesson 2


  • Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Rack Servers
  • Implement Cisco Unified Compute System Blade Chassis pools and boot policies)
  • Explain Hyper-Flex Infrastructure Concepts and benefits (Edge and Hybrid Architecture vs all-flash
  • Describe firmware and software updates and their impacts on B-Series and C-Series servers.
  • Implement compute configuration management (Backup and restore)
  • Implement infrastructure monitoring such as SPAN and Cisco Intersight
Lesson 3

Storage Network

  • Implement Fiber Channel: Switch fabric initialization, Port channels, PCID, CFS, Zoning, FCNS, device alias, NPV and NPIV, VSAN.
  • Implement FCoE Unified Fabric
  • Describe NFS and NAS concepts
  • Describe software updates and their impacts (Disruptive/nondisruptive and EPLD)
  • Implement infrastructure monitoring
Lesson 4


  • Implement automation and scripting tool such as: EEM, Scheduler, Bash shell, and Guest shell for NX-OS,REST API (NX-API,JSON and XML encodings), on-box python
  • Evaluate automation and orchestration technologies: Ansible, Python, POAP, Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric controller, PowerShell and terraform.
Lesson 5


  • Apply network security such as ACI contracts and micro segmentation, FHS and keychain authentication.
  • Apply compute security like AAA and RBAC. Apply storage security like fabric binding.


CCNP Data Center is for IT professionals seeking advanced proficiency in data center technologies. The core exam, 350-601 DCCOR, assesses foundational skills, followed by concentration exams like 300-610 DCID and 300-615 DCIT. No strict prerequisites are mandated, but a solid understanding of networking concepts is beneficial. Valid for three years, this certification offers global recognition, unlocking roles such as Data Center Network Engineer.

The specific cost of CCNP Data Center exams, including 350-601 (DCCOR) and 300-610 (DCID), can vary based on factors like location and currency. However, the price of the 2 exams combined should not exceed 800 US dollars.

Earning the CCNP Data Center certification opens up various advanced job roles in the field of networking. Some potential job roles include:
  • Data Center Network Engineer
  • Data Center Solutions Architect
  • Cloud Integration Specialist
  • Data Center Security Engineer
  • Data Center Automation Engineer
  • Senior Data Center Administrator
  • Data Center Virtualization Engineer
  • Storage Networking Specialist
  • Data Center Technical Consultant
  • Data Center Cloud Administrator
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Engineer
  • Data Center Disaster Recovery Specialist
  • Data Center Capacity Planning Engineer
  • Data Center Infrastructure Manager
  • Data Center Pre-Sales Engineer
  • Data Center Network Analyst
  • Data Center Compliance Specialist
  • Data Center Project Manager
  • Data Center Troubleshooting Specialist
  • IT Infrastructure Manager

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