what is CCIE data center
CCIE Data Center is Cisco's top certification for experts in designing and managing complex data center setups. It requires passing a challenging CCNP DCCORE exam  and hands-on lab test, showcasing proficiency in data center networking, storage, automation, and troubleshooting.
prerequisites for CCIE data center training
CCIE Data Center training doesn't have strict prerequisites, but a background in networking, hands-on experience, and familiarity with data center technologies are beneficial.
what to expect for the ccie exam
The CCIE Data Center exam assesses candidates on designing, implementing, and managing data center solutions through written and hands-on lab assessments. It tests theoretical knowledge and practical skills, requiring proficiency in Cisco data center technologies.
job opportunities
Passing the CCIE DATA CENTER exam opens up a range of high-level job opportunities with high salaries. Here are some potential roles:

Data Center Architect
Senior Data Center Engineer
Data Center Manager/Director
Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Automation Engineer
Network Virtualization Engineer
Storage Architect
Data Center Security Specialist
Network Operations Manager
Infrastructure Solutions Manager
Network Consultant
Technical Trainer